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What Podcasts Are You Listening To?

Tech Posted by dewtattoo 4 years, 11 months ago

I have a rather boring job. I am a purchasing agent for the maintenance department of one of the largest manufacturers of beans and hominy in the US. Which boils down to me sitting behind a computer screen all day researching machine parts, creating and maintaining spreadsheets on machinery, and doing other little odds and ends for the department.

I spend a large portion of my work day listening to podcasts through my cell phone as I work (we are not allowed to download or stream anything from our company computers that doesn't pertain to work)

With a solid 8-hours a day free to listen to podcasts, plus the 40 minute commute home each day, I am always looking for something new to try out ....if you noted that I didn't mention the morning commute to work, it's because I listen the The Bob & Tom Show on the radio in the morning.

Other than The Gentlemint Podcast, what other podcasts do you guys listen to regularly?

Here is my list in no specific order.

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  • glen

    Excellent question! I actually don't listen to many podcasts, so this is something I'll be following.

    I think everybody and their mother listens to Serial, but I've not checked it out yet. Anyone here into that?

    I'll also throw Brett's Art of Manliness podcast in there, as well as the freakonomics podcast. I've listened to a handful of both of those, and they're well done.


    • dewtattoo

      I hadn't heard of Serial. I'll have to check that out. I was listening to a podcast kind of like that one a while back. It was called 'We're Alive', and was basically a serial podcast done in the style of Walking Dead.

      I'm going to add Art of Manliness to my podcast app.


  • ahnyerkeester

    Econtalk - Russ Roberts is an economist but he talks about a wide range of subjects with people who really understand them. Always interesting

    Unbelievable? - Okay, so this is blatantly Christian BUT! It comes from England so the host has a British accent. Also, they try to have people on both sides of the subject on to talk so they often have atheists on the show. It is almost always cordial and informative. The show on the multiverse kind of blew my mind.

    The Federalist Radio Hour - Often good discussion. The Federalist is more libertarian then not so they skewer Trump and Hillary. Interesting guests.

    TED Radio Hour - Take some of the best TED talks and hand them over to the editors at NPR. This is usually great stuff.

    Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! - The NPR News Quiz! When Paula Poundstone goes on a rant or P.J. O'Rourke finds something ridiculous, I lose it. Sometimes formulaic but often great humor.

    The Orbital Mechanics - I confess a family connection to this one. If you're interested in space flight, theses guys give you a weekly dose of it.

    Used to listen to Mike Rowe's The Way I Heard It but it seems to have stopped.


  • I just started listening to How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black - really thoughtful and entertaining interviews with interesting people who stand out in their fields. Michael Ian Black is heartfelt, humorous, and an insightful interviewer. So far I've listened to the episodes with Tim Gunn, Andy Cohen, Tig Notaro, and Michael Showalter.


  • sam_acw

    Art of Manliness Jocko Willnik JRE for certain guests, skipping the last 1/3 which is weed talk Captain Capitalism Jack Donovan - I wish he did it more often Jack Mountain Bushcraft Tim Ferriss on occasion, though his quality has dropped in most areas. Various political ones, which probably depend on where you fall on the compass.