8-Ball Pint Glass

The 8-ball is a magical fortune telling device that has helped many people with advice over the years with questions like these:

“Should I ask her out on a date?” shakes 8 magic ball “Try again later.”

What could make the above scenario a little bit better? Having that magic 8 ball at the bottom of a pint glass, which is what the Barbuzzo Mystic Pint Glass has done. Every time you lift the glass for a drink, you’ll get some much-needed advice.

With 20 possible outcomes, you can receive simple advice like “Yes” and “No”, but also some more mystic and ambiguous answers like “Focus and Ask Again” or “Cannot Foretell Now”. The best part about the Mystic Pint Glass is that if you don’t like the answer that you’ve received, just take another drink to ask again.

It turns out sometimes you can find the answer at the bottom of a glass.

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At the time of posting the price was $12.