Annihilator Demolition Wrecking Bar

The 14-inch Annihilator Wrecking bar by Dead On Tools should strike fear into the core of your next remodel project. Unlike your boring crowbar, the tool comes with a few extra features.

For starters, the bar has been crafted for the ideal weight-to-length ratio. This means that the balance will feel perfect as you’re crashing your way through some drywall. The steel has a rubber grip that allows you to smash longer without fatiguing.

The bar has:

  • A demolition hammer
  • Board straightener
  • Nail puller/tile ripper
  • Demolition axe that can also strip conduit
  • Wrench/nail puller
  • Chisel
  • And most importantly… a bottle opener

This bar truly has everything you’ll need for your next housing or DIY project.

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At the time of posting the price was $37.