Bitter Stix: Flavored Oak Sticks That Make the Perfect Cocktail

Bitter Stix is an interesting new product that's trying to take off on Kickstarter. They're sticks of oak infused with bitters for stirring your drink. The oak and bitter flavors are gently added with each stir to the drink, making the drink that much more interesting the longer it sits.

They currently offer four types of flavors (Citrus, Smokey Oak, Cinnamon, Vanilla), and they look great sitting in a drink. Your next Old Fashioned could be stirred with a Bitter Stix to enhance the flavor.

The cocktail sticks are 100% American made in Minnesota, and if you're wanting to back the project, select at least the $17 option to get the first run when the project reaches the milestone.

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At the time of posting the price was $17.