The C64 Mini Commodore Emulator

Relive the early 80’s and the gaming with this Commodore Emulator. When the Commodore 64 was released onto the market, it changed personal computer and gaming forever. The C64 was the highest-selling computer model of all time. With the wonderful ability to load games externally via a floppy disk, the possibilities were endless for the home gamer.

We have the opportunity to relive those simpler times with the C64, the modern Commodore 64 emulator. The C64 comes with a huge selection of 64 games displayed in 720p resolution. (This is plenty, as the games were 8-bit and designed to run on a machine that had a total of 64 kilobytes of memory.) That said the graphics look bright and clean, even on a large screen.

The emulator also comes with a joystick, and you can connect the emulator to your TV via HDMI input. The machine itself is a tiny 50% the original size of the Commodore 64. You can add a secondary joystick for 2-player games (sold separately), and you also have the ability to save games.

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At the time of posting the price was $75.