Cigar Punch Cufflinks: Look like James Bond, Act Like MacGyver

It's my experience that when you need to wear cufflinks, it's usually a celebration. And when you're at a celebration, you're probably going to smoke a celebratory cigar.

If you've ever been handed a cigar at a wedding, the next step is always trying to find cigar cutter, and you'll most likely have to use a pocket knife or end up biting the end, and both scenarios are not ideal. At all.

Enter the Cigar Punch Cufflinks.

This nifty little creation by Cool Material is genius for situations like these. Just pop off the end of the cufflink, cut the cigar, and screw back on. Easy peasy. You'll look like James Bond, but feel like MacGyver.

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At the time of posting the price was $35.