Death Nut Challenge: Peanuts Coated in World’s Hottest Peppers

This is a product that looks to be painful, so we’ll have to take your word for it that’s it’s as good as it sounds. If you’re a chili-head, keep reading.

The Death Nut Challenge is a simple enough product: 5 jumbo Virginia peanuts coated with a mixture of some of the hottest peppers in the world. But each peanut is coated with a different intensity, starting at “mild” and ratcheting up the heat as you eat the peanuts. By the 5th peanut you’ll be a slobbering mess. (If you’re me, you hit “slobbering mess” after the first peanut.)

If you’re a fan of crazy-hot hot sauces, or even just dabbling in masochism, then this game is for you. (The term “game” is used broadly here in that nobody wins except the spectators.)

The Death Nut Challenge uses these six ridiculously hot peppers to coat the nuts:

  • Carolina Reaper Peppers
  • Ghost Peppers
  • Chocolate Bhutlah
  • 7 Pot Brain Strain
  • 7 Pot Douglah
  • The Moruga Scorpion

For good measure the final peanut has been sprinkled 13,000,000 SHU pure all-natural Capsaicin Crystals, as if the peppers just weren’t hot enough.

The game includes 3 peanuts for each of the five levels, totaling 15 nuts in all.

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At the time of posting the price was $20.