Fizzics: Make Any Beer Better

Here's a nifty product on the shelves: Fizzics. What does it do? It makes any beer better.

Fizzics was a successful crowdfunding campaign that has gone on to make it's patent-pending technology for the masses. It's essentially a portable beer dispenser that improves the bubble structure of the head of the beer.

We're not joking.

It sounds kitchy and something that you'd lump with the George Foreman Grill, but it's actually gotten some great reviews.

The concept is this: you can take any regular run-of-the-mill beer (can or bottle), and dispense with the Fizzics dispenser to make a nice, foamy head on the beer. You're essentially getting a beer from a keg at the bar, without the keg or bar.

The nice part about Fizzics is it runs on batteries alone, no CO2 canister needed so it's portable.

A new Fizzics dispenser will set you back $169.99 at Amazon + Free Shipping.

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At the time of posting the price was $170.