Gerber Pack Hatchet

The Gerber Pack Hatchet is a rugged, sturdy hatchet that weighs less than two pounds and is very sharp. The hatchet is simple, useful, and inexpensive; great for any camp pack.

The blade is attractive and made from 3Cr stainless steel, using full-tang construction that gives more stability when you’re using the hatchet in full-swings. The handle is a rubber over mold of blade, giving some shock-absorption and stability.

The blade features exaggerated cutouts and notches on the handle, allowing for fine precision when you need to choke up on the handle. Let’s say you’re needing to trim some kindling off of a log, using these notches would give you full control as you make smaller cuts to the wood.

The hatchet comes with a nylon sheath, giving you the ability to attach to the belt, toss in the pack, or attach to the outside with a carabiner.

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At the time of posting the price was $27.