JavaPress: Camping French Press Coffee Maker

There’s nothing more satisfying than a great cup of coffee while camping. But campfire coffee isn’t always easy to pull off, as the old school tin coffee percolators have a hard time separating the grinds and basically boils the coffee over time.

You can create a smoother, richer cup of Joe with the GSI JavaPress, a french press coffee maker built specifically for the outdoors. The Javapress can hold a full 30 ounces of coffee, and has a silicone-ringed plunger which means that none of the grinds get into your cup when you pour.

The body of the JavaPress is made from strong, BPA-free plastic that is shatter-resistant. The exterior features an insulating sleeve and a collapsible handle that ensures that you won’t burn your hands while trying to pour your morning coffee. Also, the handle can be clipped onto a carabiner on your backpack for easy transportation if you’re on a hike, for example.

When you’re ready to brew your coffee, just add your coarse grounds to the JavaPress, and pour your hot water on top. (Because the JavaPress is insulated, it’s recommended to wait 30 seconds after you’ve pulled the hot water from the boil.) Depending on the coarseness of your grind and the temperature of the water, in 6 to 8 minutes you should be ready to plunge the water down and have a great-tasting cup of coffee to enjoy around the campfire.

The French press method doesn’t use any paper filters, oils and flavors from the coffee beans are allowed to seep through, providing a much richer flavor profile. The JavaPress excels not only at brewing but also at keeping the coffee hot, thanks to the insulating sleeve around the container.

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