Old-School (Yet Superior) Japanese Can Opener

You’ve seen the hype, I’m sure. All of these smooth, new-fangled electric can openers are flooding the market. It won’t be long before you’ll be able to open a can of tuna with an app in your living room.

But for those of us harkening to a simpler time, there’s the manual kind. This simple Japanese Can Opener uses a rocking back and forth motion to cut the can, and can be done nearly as quickly as electric alternatives.

Why would you use a manual can opener, you ask? Good question. For starters, this utensil is high-quality and will probably be opening cans long after you’re gone. There are no moving parts to repair, and the edge will stay sharp for a very long time. (If it gets dull, you can always sharpen it, too.) But sometimes it’s just nice to use a sturdy piece of metal to cut through another piece of metal. It has a very satisfying feel.

Another nice feature of this simple opener is the fact that food can’t get stuck in the crevices of the opener (or can). You can toss this little guy in your backpack for camping.

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At the time of posting the price was $9.