Pocket Blanket with Built-In Stakes

Water-resistant, wind-proof and tear-resistant

This pocket blanket is great, and so versatile. It folds down into a tiny rectangle that fits into the palm of your hand, and unfolds into a 63”x44” blanket made for sitting on.

The blanket even includes metal stakes that allow you to anchor down the blanket in windy or adverse conditions. The stakes are rust proof, and when you’re not using them, the tuck neatly inside of the blanket, adding a little extra weight on the corners to help with flying away in a light breeze.

If that weren’t enough, the blanket is tear-resistant, puncture resistant and water-resistant. “But wait!”, you say, “this sounds like a really scratchy surface!” On the contrary, friend. The outer layer is a soft, satin fabric to ensure that even your delicate heinie won’t suffer.

Chuck one of these in your car for camping trips or outdoor events. You could even just stash it in your pocket for the event, as it folds down into a rectangle the size of a wallet. This is one of those “always nice to have around” products.

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At the time of posting the price was $30.