SawStop: Idiot-Proof Jobsite Saw

As my middle school shop teacher Mr. Osborne used to caution when working with power tools: "You better watch your business, or your business will get cut off."

The table saw is an inherently dangerous tool that has all the makings for a good accidental amputation: an exposed blade spins at 100mph while you try to push wood through it.

The SawStop is trying to revolutionize the table saw. It has a built in sensor that can stop a blade when it senses something other than the hardness of wood, and it kills the blade before it can make a cut.

Here's a demonstration of the SawStop trying to buzz through a "finger hotdog":

As you can see, it barely leaves a mark on the hot dog.

Check out the jobsite model of the SawStop, which has gotten some great reviews at Amazon.

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At the time of posting the price was $1399.