Sled Legs: Run, Jump and Sled

Here’s a nifty invention: Sled Legs. This is essentially a sled split in two, with straps that attach to your shins and knees like two independent sleds. It seems like a weird concept, but a quick look at the below image should answer all of your questions.

Make sense now? These sleds are made in Canada, so you know they’ll be up for the task. (Canadians don’t fool around when it comes to cold weather activities.) Think of it as mixing skis and sleds. No more picking up and lugging a bulky sled up the hill… just stand up and start walking (or running).

The individual sleds are made from ABS plastic attached to molded foam that is used inside of car bumpers to absorb shock on your knees. that your legs and knees rest on. There are two straps to The back of the Sled Legs ramp up to ensure that your feet don’t drag on the ground behind you.

Controlling the sled is simple: Dig in one knee to turn in that direction, and push down on your toes to slow down or stop the sled. You get the precision of skis but with the ease of a sled.

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At the time of posting the price was $55.