Space Rocket Precision Screwdriver

If you’re like me, you are forever needing a small screwdriver to swap out batteries in my kids’ toys, electronics and other various items around the house. And when you find the right screwdriver, it takes supreme concentration and skill to get that little bugger unscrewed and screwed back in without dropping the screw.

This SpaceRocket by Magnet Driver has made handling small screws much easier. The nifty screwdriver uses a magnet to hold screws in place, which isn’t anything new. But the screwdriver ups the game by adding a magnetic strip around the head of the screwdriver, which holds the screw in place even more securely.

On top of that, the screwdriver is adjustable of up to four different heigfhts—including two extra-short direct heights—allowing you to pick the perfect height of screwdriver needed to get the job done.

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At the time of posting the price was $33.