Winter Ski Mask with Heat Exchanger

If you enjoy being in the elements during the winter, than the Ergodyne N-Ferno Winter Ski Balaclava and face mask is a game changer. The whole unit works together to provide cold weather protection on your face, nose mouth and neck.

The face mask fits snugly over your face, and is form fitting with adjustable loops and straps. This allows you to get the right balance of snugness on your face, which keeps your eyewear from fogging up. The mask combats moisture that keeps your face dry and warm, and keeps the damaging effects of cold air off of your face. The heat exchanger allows you to breathe in warm air in the most extreme conditions.

The ski mask fits over your head nicely, with 230 grams of thermal fleece wrapping your head for warmth. You can wear this balaclava under a hard hat or helmet as well.

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At the time of posting the price was $40.