Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit: Everything You Need To Mow Down the Undead

Ever seen Shaun of the Dead? You don't want to start the impending zombie apocalypse out with nothing to defend yourself except a cricket bat.

Instead, take a tip from the people at Gerber and Bear Grylls and snag this Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit. It comes with

  • 3 knives
  • 2 machetes
  • a parang
  • a high-performance axe

That's 7 tools that you can put to good use when needed. And you'll look good while using them, too.

I'm not sure how people are able to actually rate this kit, as we've not seen the apocalypse yet. This hasn't kept 90+ people giving the collection a 4.5/5 stars on Amazon.

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At the time of posting the price was $252.