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Movember is here.

Interestingly enough, I have a customer who was on the Movember committee last year in Victoria. He was saying that Movember has become so successful that they now donating to other causes. It just goes to show the power of the mustache.

At Uomo Modern Barber, even though we are not growing mustaches this year, we are donating 20% from every shave to the cause. So every time you get a shave betwen Nov30-Dec3, we will give to the charity all you Movemberites out there have grown that hideous mustache for. And not only! You will also relish the experience of finally getting that gross little caterpillar off of your upper lip.

I’m sure that will make your loved ones VERY happy.

If you have never experienced one of our famous shaves, this might be a great reason to try. If you like hot towels, and you like a nice shoulder massage, then you will love our shaves. Who wouldn’t love having a stranger who you barely know glide a sharp metal razor across your jugular. ITS GREAT!

If you feel daring, and you really want to relax and donate at the same time…book your appointment now for the end of Movember.