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Movember is coming to an end. You’ve toiled for an entire month and yes, you have proven to the world that caterpillars do exist. Now might be the time to take that furry critter off of your upper lip.

So what should you do? Should you bite the bullet, take your cold razor, and rip it off like a bandage on a bad wound? Or is there a better way?

Well, I like to think that removing a mustache should be as painless as growing it… (and way less itchy).

Here is how.

1.If you have an electric trimmer, take as much fur off as you can. This will save you much aggravation later.
2. Soften your beard with a good preshave oil. Rub this into your beard until your skin feels soft and flexible.
3. Soften your beard even more with a hot towel.
4. With a good badger brush and a cream soap lather really well with lots of water. If you don’t have a badger brush and cream soap think about getting one as it will really improve your shave. Or else, just use your favorite shaving cream.
5. Shave with a fresh razor in the direction of growth. Ever mustache is different, but most mustaches grow downward from the nose. Your first stroke should be starting from the uppermost part of the lip just under the nose. If you have a softer beard, and your skin is strong, then you can stroke from the sides starting at the corner of the mouth and shaving toward the center of the upper lip.

When you are done, make sure to look admiringly on your newly shave face with youthful awe…and then give your loved one a big, fat, furless, unprickly smooch!