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In the world of wet shaving, knowing how to use a shaving brush is very important.

Firstly, learn why a shaving brush is better for your shave at this blog post.

Once you have a brush, you need to use it properly. To start, you will want to ‘pre-moisten’ your brush. This is very important especially for lower quality brushes, as they tend to be much more brittle. Despite the quality of your brush, soften your brush when you first buy one. To do this, run it under warm water for at least 60 seconds. Do not manipulate it as it can potentially break the bristles. It is better to leave the brush soaking for around 5 minutes. Then, shake off the excess, and hang the brush upside down on a brush holder, or else on its side.

Do not place it right side up. Proper storage of brushes should always be upside down. This will prevent water from collecting at the base of the bristles, which accelerates deterioration of your brush. Remember, a quality brush made of badger should last several years.

After this, you will only have to soak your brush for several seconds before each shave. Remember to use hot water which will fully expand the bristles. When bristles are fully expanded, they hold more water and offer a more luxurious lather and shave experience.

In order to properly lather, be sure to use a circular ‘whisking’ strokes against the grain. This will lift your beard off of your face making it more easy to shave. Once you get the hang of shaving with a brush, your skin will benefit tremendously. Who knows? Maybe shaving will be something men can enjoy again.

Happy shaving!