A short list of things, either lacking in manhood, or contributing to societal downfall, to let go of in order to make progress in the new year...please feel free to add things, lets see what we as men can teach not only ourselves, but those that look to us for guidance on becoming manly..ill start
1. "Win, fail, epic, OMG, LOL."
2. Kardashian, Beiber, Kanye, Weezy.
3. How dis the word man get into the word "man-icure?!?. Not for you.
4. Zombies. Its over. Not zombie cupcakes, shows, guns, or the the hell does adding bright green to your gun make it better to fight zombies!?!...seems worse to me.
5. Bacon. Yes its great, but its not a lifestyle.
6.ill add more later, got wood to chop....

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  • ed.flores.56

    ed.flores.56 10 years, 9 months ago

    i agree with you on everything except zombies. Everyone loves bacon, but bacon flavored (insert consumable here) is enough lol. The Walking Dead is my show...sorry.