I've said it before. Being a Dad is about as Manly as it gets.

This is a great post from a dad named Michael Mitchell the writer of Life to Her Years.

Added in Fatherhood.


  • jameslynnbates 12 years, 1 month ago

    Really nice stuff. My baby girl is not a baby anymore, and I wish I had read some of these when she still was, but we still managed to do OK.

    A tip for new dads that's not on the list. When she's still young (5-10), take her on a date at least once every two months. Show up at the front door like a real date. Hold the door for her. Bring her a flower. Pull her chair out for her. Raise her expectations for every date that comes after you. You'll never regret it, and neither will she.


  • The.Minted.Dad

    The.Minted.Dad 12 years, 1 month ago

    @James Bates. That is a rad idea. I will certainly add that to my list of being a dad as my daughter is young enough that I can still do this. Thanks for the idea.