For all of those who remember how cool we were in the early 90′s with our mushroom cuts… guess what? They’re back!

That’s right. Even though we may look at our high school photos and say to ourselves: “What was I thinking?!”, you now have a change to relive those glory days. Just make sure not to play Fresh-Prince’s Summertime while your cruisin’ with the top down.

I see this style moving in subtly at first (even though there is nothing subtle about this haircut). It will evolve from the ’hipsteresque comeover’, which will grow longer on top while the sides and back are cut short. The big difference between this new undercut coming up and the one in the 90′s is that it will be played back with some product and finger combed. Don’t think of ‘Flock of Seagulls’ when you picture this style.

Think more of David Beckham meets Hugh Grant.

It is vitally important when cutting this men’s haircut that careful attention is given to the shape of the man’s face. If your face is long and lean, then a more ‘Hugh’ look is in order, keeping width on the sides. Otherwise, you could end up looking like a q-tip. If you have a wider visage, then fell free to go a little tighter on the sides. As this style does add roundness to the top of your head, if you already have a round face, this style may not work for you.

The best way to style it is loosely swept back with a wax-like product, such as OM Fiber. This will give it the professional hold it needs to keep up in the office, while allowing your girlfriend to run her fingers through your hair without getting ensnared for life.

Either way, keep it tight on the sides, and have a party on top!