Its well worth a couple of minutes of your time to read this. Please do!
I have put this in my fatherly collecton because it highlights why a strong male presence in the family group is essential to raising healthly sons and daughters and if you are man enough to make children you must be man enough to stick around and raise them and not run away when things get difficult.

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  • daemon

    daemon 11 years ago

    That is the strangest bit of psychobabble with pseudo religious and sexist overtones I have ever attempted to read.

    If this aligns itself with your world view, I have to wonder what reality looks like to you.. Is this truly how you observe and see the dynamic between a male and female relationship? It sounds as if the author has observed or participated in some incredibly skewed and flawed relationships. Bizarre is not even the half of it.


  • benjisco

    benjisco 11 years ago

    Im sorry that you didnt enjoy the post daemon,

    I cant say that my view on the world is much like the author's probably but nontheless I found it an intersting read. The idea that men as a species do anything for a scratch behind the ear or a little treat here or there much the same a large expensive pet was intriguing. If you think about from this perspective men are trained to do this from a very young age.

    Do you not do those silly little jobs around the house that you probably wouldnt worry about but your Partner obsesses about just so she is a little more accomodating?

    Anyway I hope you didnt spend to much time reading it and again sorry you didnt enjoy it.


  • daemon

    daemon 11 years ago

    It is not a matter of enjoyment or not.

    I was stunned to think that some men in this world respond to conditioning and stimuli such as this. What is even worse is to imagine that there are sick individuals who raise them in such environments, cultivate these type or relationships and perpetuate this type of abuse.

    If this is even a glimpse into how some women view men, treat them and manipulate them, it makes me even more grateful and thankful to not have been raised in such a family. My parents have been married for over 40 years and have never resorted to such tactics with each other. They are intelligent, educated and authentic people who view, live and treat each other as partners who love each other.

    I know I haven't been raised or conditioned in this manner, because the people in my social groups, family and friends respect me as a person. I know I haven't been treated like this in relationships, because I am gay. I date guys and can certainly say I was never trained or treated like some performing pet or animal. Guys don't do that to other guys, at least the quality individuals I have had the honor of sharing life with as I grew up.

    As for this woman and her website, she seems just as sick as the rest of them. From this narrow and oblique view, it sounds like there are a lot of women that are mentally imbalanced, psychotic, manipulative, conniving bastards and men who align themselves with them due to their weak wills, lack of ambition, personal independence and strength.

    I will just close my mouth about it. The whole view into that world makes me ill and sad.



    CTYJONES 11 years ago

    "...and men who align themselves with them due to their weak wills, lack of ambition, personal independence and strength."
    The sad part is that there are plenty of men who fall into this distinction. While this article wasn't what I was anticipating from the title/description, it doesn't mean that it's not true of too many men, and acknowledging that doesn't automatically skew the reader's "view of reality." Likewise, being exposed to this sort of environment doesn't automatically predispose young men to repeat it.

    I wrote, and subsequently deleted, more of this comment to prevent being longwinded. I just finished reading John Eldredge's "Wild at Heart", and it touches on the subject of domestication, as well as the paternal/maternal dynamic. I recommend it.