I built “The Beast” as a long distance 5.56 caliber rifle. The Beast gets its name from two things, its overall length with the 24” barrel and its weight. The Beast weighs 12.6 lbs unloaded!! It has a Double Diamond Law Enforcement Supply, VG-1 T-1 Multi-Caliber, Milled Lower with REDDIT logo and a DPMS Lower Kit, DPMS A1/A2 extension tube, spring and buffer, Magpul PRS stock, TRR15A3 24 Inch Flat top Upper with Fluted Profile Barrel, 1 in 8 Rifling, Free Float QuadRail Handguards, Vortex Flash Suppressor and Harris bi-pod. After initial sight-in this weapon consistently produced groups of single nickel size holes (no paper touching between bullet impact points from center to outside) at 100 yrds. You can basically completely shoot out the bull’s-eye with this weapon at that range! Maximum Effective Range is 800 Meters using 77 Gr Black Hills SMK rounds.
~AM ︻┳═一 NOBIS NON EXIERIS ARMA! – “We Will Not Surrender Arms”

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  • JakeLonergan

    JakeLonergan 11 years ago

    THAT'S what I'm talking about! I wish I felt confident enough to build something like this, which I've been looking for commercially. Most companies make this DMR/Varminter in 18" or 20" barrels but my starting point will be the Stag Model 6, which comes with a 24" barrel. Part of the reason I chose this one is the A2 stock. I'd like to use this lower with a .300 BLK upper and I kind of have the feeling the stationary stock will be better with either upper.