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We suppose one could consider the sashimi you cut with your Nesting Knives to be art, and certainly the havoc you wreak with your Ninja Stealth Throwing Knives is delightful to watch, but Mark Evans’ Leather Art is truly the finest example of how art can be created with the deft etchings of a knife. Using leather as his canvas, Welsh artist Mark Evans uses knives as most artists would use paintbrushes to create images on animal hide. Drawn to the primordial appeal of leather—once a living, breathing thing, Evans explains his methods: “I cut through the waxy, polished surface of the hide to reveal what’s really going on beneath the façade…I’m searching, aiming for something from below the surface. I guess I’m reaching for something magnificent. I’m trying to get under the skin.” His subject matter is just as masculine as his tools of leather and knives—bullfights, skulls, money, sharks and war. Having been surrounded by death at an early age (his grandmother lost three of her children), mortality is a popular theme in Evans’ works. So perhaps it’s fitting that he’s been commissioned to create a 50 meter installation in the Freedom Tower. His work can also be found in some of the world’s most prestigious art collections, and sells for anywhere between £60,000 and £450,000 (that’s about $91,200 to $684,250).