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You’ve had hotel rooms with some pretty sick views in your day. Overlooking Tokyo’s Shibuya Station. The shores of Bora Bora. The tippy tops of the Alps. But never the bottom of the sea. Yet. The Water Discus Hotel (still just a concept at this point) is a double-tiered luxury hotel, with one disc above water, and the other down below, connected by a vertical shaft with a lift and a stairway. Ten metres below the surface of the sea, your room has unbelievable views of surrounding coral reefs and marine life just outside your window. And, not to worry, there’s a bar, as well as an underwater dive center. Plus, the above-water disc and adjacent satellites, positioned 5-7 meters above the water include a restaurant, spa and recreation area. You can check in, but with a concept this awesome, you may never want to check out.