This is a short demonstration of what to expect from our Kokum Butter Shaving Pucks! The sliver I chose to use is only 3-days old. All of our soaps are cured for at least 6 weeks before they end up in your mug but as a weekly workshop experiment we always try a baby to rate it's integrity. As you can see even at such a young age the soap handles really well, mind you, I am using soft water. But a creamy lather is real easy to make... but more importantly it's the quality of the shave that counts the most at the end of the day. Our soaps have a powerful shielding power that we are very proud of and we encourage all to give it a go! [let it be known, we are currently working on a Hard Water formulation of our puck-so look for it midsummer!] I hope this video helps the folks who just don't know what to expect- We appreciate everyone who has taken a chance on us! Thank You and we will not let you down!
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