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It has long baffled me as to why the concept of clap activated light switches never really caught on. They are clearly the dream ticket for a deeply lazy individual like myself but they’ve never really gone mainstream. I think that we are safe to postulate that their lack of global success can be firmly laid at the feet of the fact that clapping is boring as shit (with the exception of clapping a perfectly poured pint of Guinness). I think it is also safe to say, however, if you replace the moronically mundane process of clapping with, say, blasting the shit out of your lamp with a gun (pew, pew, pew sound effects optional), we can all firmly agree that we’re onto a bit of a winner. Well, sir, fear not because these are not the mere ramblings of a mad man but an actual thing that you can buy with monies – and it goes by the name of the BANG! Lamp. And it is patently the best thing of all time. Instead of faffing about with all that clapping your hands or getting off the sofa bullshit, the BANG! Lamp gives you a gun to shoot it with and, awesomely, the lamp will tipple over when you shoot it. Needless to say, I invariably take things too far and wanted to show off so was shooting my lamp off from the street outside my flat – the armed SWAT team that turned up didn’t see the funny side.

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