And this is the knife to always have with you. 3" long when closed might seem a little long for some people in a pocket knife but at 1.2 oz. it just disappears in your pocket. If you like the clip and are wearing jeans, it fits right into the coin pocket for even less obtrusiveness. Jimping on the spine and in the choil gives this little rascal cutting power well beyond it's size. Especially when used with my blade preference, the SpyderEdge (serrated). Another personal preference is going with the Salt model. The H1 steel blade is nice in that it will never rust but I also like the use of the bright yellow handle with such a small, easily lose-able knife. I also like the extra reinforcement the hollow cut blade gives, it's a little thicker along the spine than the flat cut blade. But all that's just me, for $50 I'm pretty sure I'll end up with a couple of different Dragonflys.

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