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What to use for writing in your Bible? No pencils, no pens, no highlighters… ‘den what? Archival quality pens. These pens are a type of technical pen used by engineers or draftsmen. They are cheaper & more durable than most technical pens & can be found @ most art stores & large office supply stores. They have a long metal tip w/ a soft writing nib which is ideal for using w/ a ruler. The soft nib also helps prevent damaging the paper or denting the pages you are writing on. You must press very hard to make the sort of indentations you can easily make using a pen or a pencil. There are 3 brands of archival quality pens: Staedtler Pigment Liner, Prismacolor Fine Line Marker & Sakura’s Pigma Micron. All are high quality pens available with different sized writing nibs w/ the Prismacolor & Sakura available in different colors as well. #technology #art #tools #bible #how-to #photography #wish-list #gear #writing #office #notes #techniques

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