Empty Wine Bottle (Use any bottle as long as it’s glass and the neck is 1” in diameter. Be clever!)
Teflon Tape 1/2”
Copper Top Plate Connector (threaded for 3/8”-16 thread rod)
1” Split Ring Hanger (threaded for 3/8”-16 thread rod)
1/2” x 3/8” Copper Coupling
1/2” Copper Cap
Two Hex Nuts (threaded for 3/8”-16 thread rod)
Two #10 x 1” Zinc Plated Wood Screws (if you’re mounting it to wood)
3/8”-16 Zinc Plated Threaded Rod (I bought a 3’ rod and cut it down to 8, 4-1/2” rods with a hacksaw.)
Tiki Replacement Wick
Torch Fuel (For safety reasons, only use fuel made specifically for outdoor torches. i.e. Tiki brand)

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