Did you hear that sound outside? The creaking of the floorboards on the porch? That scuffling sound of feet dragging as someone is moving closer and closer to your front door. Why are you not worried? Did you already buy your Shock and Awe Zombie Killer Knife?

The Shock and Awe is no ordinary knife. This knife has a massive blade that is 5″ long and almost 3″ across. It is designed to work as both a razor sharp cutting tool and as wild hacking cleaver. The handle is covered with bright green ABS plastic so you can instantly locate it when your door burst open from a Zombie attack. The knife comes with sheath to keep your fingers safe until you are ready for battle.

Even if you are not expecting a Zombie invasion, this is a great knife to keep in your hunting kit, fishing tackle box, or for other outdoor activities. The Shock and Awe Zombie Knife is priced under $20 from Armory Replicas.

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