Kawasaki Vulcan 900
We were skeptical about our 900 when we disassembled the bike. It's fat lower profile, rear tire and long gas tank made us wonder if this was a wise choice for our next bobber project. WOW! Under that ugly skin was a beautiful platform for the perfect bobber! Spock was from the futuristic planet Vulcan. There isn't anything futuristic about our Vulcan. It's straight out of the 50's. The Avon Speedmaster 5.00-16 mounted to the stock front rim completes it's old school hot rod look. Look in our Gallery for more pictures, check our YouTube videos (type in Blue Collar Bobbers) and you can get all the facts about our 900. Just like our other bikes, stock wheels, suspensions and rear tire sizes are a must for our kits. Is our Vulcan 900 the perfect bobber? Spock used logic without emotion. We think Spock would say our Vulcan 900 is the "Perfect Bobber". We also think he would get emotional if he were to take it for a spin! Our DVD will show you the easy, fast and extremely fun way to get you all emotional about your " Perfect Bobber".

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