Ties with simple patterns let the cut of your suit and an accessory do the talking. Your suit is the headliner. Your tie is the opening act. Don’t ever confuse the two. Your tie shouldn’t distract from your suit, and that’s precisely why every guy needs a pin-dot, thin stripe, and plain’ ol matte solid tie in his collection.

A simple thin stripe will work with solid and even lightly pinstriped suits. Just limit your stripes to two pieces of clothing, and always have your tie’s stripes be the bolder of the two pieces you’re wearing. Matte solid looks great as long as you’ve got some color worked in there somewhere. Wearing this matte solid slim Gray Tie? Don’t wear a black suit. Go Navy and you’ll look downright presidential. Basic, solid, and not too Regis Philbin.

A favorite has to be Pin-dots. Pin-dot ties are terrific because they add depth to the center of your torso, they’re classic, and they also have just enough character. But a word on the dots: You want some space between them. You want pattern, not a seizure inducing wall of punctuation.

Keep em’ slim (but not super skinny), wear a great suit, and you’ll look like you own whatever place you happen to be walking into.

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