Boardshorts (not swimming trunks) are designed to be quick drying (Hence, they are called "quick-drys" in the islands). THEY CAN NOT DRY QUICKLY IF YOU ARE WEARING UNDERWEAR. Wearing underwear will likely cause chaffing, which is the primary issue boardshorts were invented to combat. The are are longer for added coverage from sun and to prevent board wax from ripping your leg hair off. Just freeball. Don't be that guy.



  • theycallmechad

    theycallmechad 10 years, 10 months ago

    Where I live, they all come with that wretched mesh built-in underwear. I always have to end up cutting it out before I put it on. I would rather wear whitie-tighties than that horrid mesh nonsense, and even that would be horrible. A few years back NONE of them had the built-in liner.


    • Stevie77

      Stevie77 10 years, 10 months ago

      That's nuts. I don't really see them anymore unless they're the super cheap ones. My father in law was asking b/c when he came to visit, he didn't understand how to wear them...and most of the locals don't underwear...In fact, most of the locals show a tiny bit of butt cleavage; girls and guys. (I call it "Island Style" since its the one way you can tell whether people are veteran beach bums, lol) but I had to look it up, since its not comfortable, EVER and it looks GROSS! I noticed that I have one pear of Billabong's like that and can't wear them surfing. But since we moved to Surf Central, none of the boardshorts have them...but most are super expensive.