CTYJONES 10 years, 8 months ago

    As an Oregonian, and an outdoorsman, I can appreciate what this is attempting to accomplish. Oregon is the greatest state in the union for seeing everything nature can offer. These are great landscapes for people to experience, whether they are from out of state, or locals who've never explored their own back yard. Personally, I try to take someone with me on trips who wouldn't normally get out and experience Oregon. That being said, I don't have much patience when a pack of hipsters rolls through, taking pictures every 3 feet (with a big camera, then a small camera, then their iPhone), wondering why they don't have cell coverage, and complaining about how cold they are because they're not prepared.
    I suppose my point is that if you want to experience Oregon, you don't need to do it with 3 cameras, an iPhone, and a Macbook.
    But... I suppose if the technology is what prevents people from getting outside in the first place, then these guys are speaking the language of the people who need to hear it most.
    Maybe my opinion is flawed, but hey, it's mine.