We all have our believes when it comes to the zombie apocalypse. If the zombies will be slow, fast, a virus, undead… All these types of zombies require a different skill and weapon set to fight. For my weapons list, it won’t matter if zombies are fast, because if they’re fast and need a head shot, humanity is toast. If they die like any other person, we’ll be fine and you just have to hide for a few days, until the army clears the streets. Why is this? Because hitting a target the size of a human head while shuffling is hard, but hitting one that’s running, is damn near impossible.

So, the zombies we’ll be discussing, are the Walkers. These are the classic undead zombies, as seen in The Walking Dead and most appealing to all zombie fans out there. It’s also the only group of zombies we can arm ourselves for.

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