I had way to much fun during my month in Missouri and the Sig XO was a big part of it. It proved to be an X-ring blaster that made even me, an action shooter and not a paper guy, look pretty darn good. My ultra-discriminating cousin was so impressed that he had to run out and buy one after shooting it. Surprisingly (or not), is has become that Glock fanboy's favorite pistol! Due to it's all-steel construction and full duty size, one perceives very little recoil. It also proved to be quite reliable, pumping out his practice hand loads without a hiccup (OK, we each had a failure to eject which I will chalk up to either the handload or the newness of the pistol; I will wait to see if it happens again to get a larger sample size). One odd quirk, every so often it would fail to lock open after the last shot (his more often than mine). I'd have to think that might be more of a magazine thing but we'll be taking them to a Sig repair point to look at if it continues. Overall, the TacPac was a terrific buy for both of us, coming with three magazines and a Kydex holster! This, to my way of thinking, is how every pistol should be shipped.

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