This vintage air mail envelope is unused. It's very interesting for collecting or framing, featuring SAN FRANSISCO- GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE dedication and U.S.S. Idaho all on the front.
As best I can research I think this is WWII . The U.S.S. Idaho has been around for longer than that but the bridge was dedicated in 1933.
The envelope on the front is in very nice condition. On top is the U.S.S. IDAHO black and white glossy (almost feels like a little photograph)
Below the map it says U.S.S. IDAHO Battleship First Line
You can tell envelope has been handled is not mint but very nice
The reverse side of envelope shows the brown lines (probably from the sticky that held the envelope together)
Envelope is sealed in center I think from just age
and looks like envelope could have been stuck to other items with some wear on the paper,