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Whether you’re a 60’s marketing mogul like Don Draper, a mysterious millionaire like Jay Gatsby or an average Joe trying to find that right hairstyle, the side part is perfect for anyone who is looking to class up their act. Most men will find that their hair has a natural part already distinguished and can easily be found right out of the shower. Once your hair is wet, simply take a comb and brush your hair both directions to see where your hair naturally likes to part, once you find that direction, you can easily customize the look of the part. There are two routes you can take for a part, a distinct bold part, or more of a natural sweeping part. For the bold part, simply take a fine toothed comb and start to make a hard line by combing the hair to one side while combing the other side of the line down flat, this will give a very distinct line in your hair. For a more natural sweeping part, take your comb and brush the hair to the side without making any distinct lines, giving your hair a blended part. Products needed for this hairstyle varies depending on your style. The OM Spiker Fiber($25.99), gives the bold distinct side part perfect hold and shine, lasting all day without reapplying, while the the OM Clay Texturizer ($26.99) will give a sweeping side part more of a dry matte finish. If you are a traditionalist, a part should fall right in the middle of your eyebrow. Draw an imaginary line from the part straight down to your eyebrow. Or use a comb as a reference, and line the part up to the center of the eyebrow with that. This will make the part look balanced and not our of place.