Mansory knows a thing or two about modifying luxury and supercars, and after years in the business we know that a new motor from this company is always worth a look. The 2009 Mansory Cyrus still stands up as one of the company´s best efforts, and is certainly a dream for those who think anything carbon fiber on a car automatically makes it better.

Based on Aston Martin´s already beautiful DB9, the Mansory Cyrus combines the beauty of the British marquee with the ferocity and design of a full on supercar. It won´t have escaped attention that this is clad head to toe in carbon fiber, and the result is startling, and aside from its obvious influence on weight, as a design cue it looks sensational.

Lowered weight and 538 horsepower will get you ripping the road up at a fair rate, although getting your hands on one of these would be tough now, and even if you could find one you´d have to cough up $400,000.

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