Finding a luxury hotel is easy, even finding a hotel that offers something different is not that hard. What is tough is finding a hotel that is an utter one off, one that changes your perceptions and gives you a completely private experience.

We said it was tough, not impossible, and that´s because you could stay at the Manta Resort Underwater Hotel Room. Looking as James Bond as it sounds, this small wooden structure floats elegantly on the calm blue waves off Zanzibar, Africa. Think of a fish aquarium but reverse it so you are in the glass housing and the fish outside and you will be pretty close. The bedroom is completely submerged and gives stunning views of the fish and crystal water day or night.

Above water there is a veranda with seating area and even a bed on the roof, and the great this is, the sea is your swimming pool, so you won´t have to worry about space!

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