• blkendrick

    blkendrick 10 years, 3 months ago

    Andrew Jackson was singularly, quite spectacularly, the worst President ever. In history, we rarely tack on such grandiose, far reaching terms, because its very hard to be absolute about anything in history. However, in the case of Andrew Jackson, there is a rather unavoidable preponderance of evidence to this fact. He shredded then totally ignored the Constitution. He was by all accounts of his contemporaries and by evidenced in his own writings a raging bigot and a racist with precious few equals. In his own time he was renown for his short fuse on his immense and uncontrollable temper, which was perhaps better described as an immensely deep well of rage which was always steeping just below the boiling point and always just below the surface. He was also the first populist President, meaning he, with an absolute absence of experience or savvy, was pushed into office by the masses on promises of half-truths and whole lies he would later either alter or not fulfill altogether. His election heralded, among other things, the end of the Era of Good Feelings, a time when our nation had no established political parties or factions, and things were amended and compromised until everyone agreed upon it before taking action upon a thing. He also personally ordered the forcible removal of the Cherokee Nation, an act declared illegal by the Supreme Court of the United States, in what would later be called "The Trail of Tears," and would be remembered as one of the worst government sanctioned criminal acts in U.S. history. While Jackson is an important President, he is a very, very far cry from being someone worthy of emulation.