Bus rides are awful, there is no getting around that fact. If you use a bus for school, to commute, or even to cross country, they just blow. Uncomfortable, hot, sitting next to someone you don´t want to sit next to, it´s safe to say that Men's Gear is not a fan of the bus.

Until now anyway, as we could definitely get on board the Japanese Star Fighter Video Game Space Bus. The Space Bus combines a regular coach with a game machine to bring you an interactive arcade experience as you travel. Passengers are strapped into the comfortable seats with ample leg room before the light go out and the Solar System appears on the ceiling and walls of the blacked out vehicle.

Each passenger gets a joystick and can play games until their hearts content via a screen placed on the rear of the seat in front. How this works if you only want to go two stops we don´t know, but sign us up anyway! Via