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If like me you’re a Windows user looking for a new computer have a budget of £1000+ you’ll probably be considering a Mac. Here’s how it goes:

You think to yourself, “Should I get a Mac?”
You read Apple’s Why You’ll Love a Mac, then you check out the different Mac models, and then finally go off and visit an Apple Store to Try a Mac first hand.
They say – if a camel puts it’s nose in a tent the body will soon follow – Totally sold you buy a Mac!
With an expectant smile on your face, you unbox your new Mac. Once it’s on your desk you take it all in… your heart skips a beat as you physically gasp at its shapely beauty.
You tell your friends, “I got a Mac!”
Welcome to your new life as a Mac user.
Reality kicks in when you realise it’s “Time to get to work.”
As you look at the Mac and wonder … how-to … as you realise “I only know how to use a PC. How do I do what I used to be able to do?”

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  • mango333

    mango333 6 years, 4 months ago

    ...and then once you start figuring things out realize you could have bought twice the machine if you'd have built it yourself and stayed with a PC. LOL. Macs do what Macs do well and have come a loooong way in terms of performance to price. But IMHO they are still way over priced for what you get.