"Since these homesteaders were improving their land, they weren't very happy when lake levels were raised. Push came to shove and by 1871, a small ditch was dug to prevent the water level from being artificially raised."

Generally known as the sportman's axe, the Hudson Bay is the axe historically used by Hunters and Trappers. Compact enough carry while travel, while packing enough punch to get through most jobs.

This 24" fawn footed Hudson Bay axe is the collective effort between Victor and Council Tool. Drop forged in North Carolina by Council, one of America's last full size axe manufacturers, this axe is modeled after their premium line of Velvicut® tools. It's finished with minimal paint and pure linseed oil to condition the wood handle and reduce wear and tear on hands. What results is what you've come to expect from Victor - a classically designed, covetable tool that will live on.