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Raising the minimum wage does nothing. Eventually, everything else goes up and you're back to square one. Some workers at fast food restaurants are wanting as much as $15 per hour. Seriously? You want that kind of wage to ask me if I want ketchup with my fries and only get my order right 50% of the time?


  • sam_acw

    sam_acw 7 years, 12 months ago

    You can't legislate people into prosperity. The only way to make people better off is to shift the supply and demand situation of work - favour job creation by cutting regulations and as many taxes as possible. Linking immigration to the demands of the job market (in terms of unfilled positions) could also be helpful.


    • Filadog

      Filadog 7 years, 12 months ago

      Exactly. If these fast food workers don't like their wages, there are 10 Mexicans over there that would be happy to have their job and they would do it well. People have become too complacent and arrogant in this country. I once read an article where Pro-Union morons thought the cashiers at Wal Mart should be making $50,000/year. I hoped it was wasn't. They don't about what it's REALLY going to cost. That company is going to past that cost onto the consumer. Consumers who are composed of people at other minimum wage workers who are now going to also scream for higher wages. It all escalates from there.


  • jgreene777

    jgreene777 7 years, 12 months ago

    So where's the motivation to move up if we start paying minimum wage workers more? There are jobs in the military that never have anyone over a certain age performing them. A particular vehicle never has a driver over 19 years old, because if you're 20, you should be more skilled than that job requires. The same thing goes for minimum wage jobs: they should constantly be rotating employees as more come into the market and existing ones move up. The problem is that people are lazy and want to afford "the good life" on their unskilled job.

    Someone posted an article with Mike Rowe addressing these issues that does a great job of explaining the situation...