The European Alps offer some of this planets best views, stunning backdrops that are guaranteed to take the breath away. Now there is a new attraction making waves on news shows around the world and is located on Europe´s highest peak, Aiguille du Midi (located on the Mount Blanc massif in the French Alps). There has always been cable car access to the peak with a gift and coffee shop located on the summit, but now visitors can also try the “Step into the Void”.

Definitely one for the thrill seeker, the “Step into theVoid” is a completely clear glass box that hangs over the edge of the peak and affords 360 degree views of the surrounding area. When we say 360, we mean it, as the box even has a clear floor, giving the impression of floating or falling we guess. Look down if you must but you will need good eyesight to see the ground as it is nearly 4000 feet away.

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