When the coast is as spectacular as the one in Vancouver, British Columbia, you pretty much want to see as much of it as you can, and whenever you can. The Burkehill Residence by architect Craig Chevalier (along with interior designers Inside Interior Design) lets you (well not you) make the most of the surroundings thanks to its sumptuous views and contemporary design.
This multilevel building is modern and homely from the outside and we particularly like the way the ample outdoor patios have been seamlessly linked to the interior space. Speaking of patios, the Burkehill Residence boasts a stunning pool, Jacuzzi, and lounging area that affords dazzling views across the coastline.

The house sports plenty of straight edges, but the square design is perfectly offset by the interior that has subtle tones and the use of natural materials such as stone. There is no pretention here and you can see the designers kept in mind that this would be a working and livable residence, and the overall effect is charming, modern, and alluring.